St. Mary's High School, Mount Abu
St. Mary's, our own dear school
Our voices we join in praise of you
Your glory, so widely known, we proudly own
— excerpt from an SMS anthem
First glimpse of SMS from Toll Bar
Get a bunch of Abuites together and we jabber non-stop about the great old times, whether it was climbing Plummy, nesting, raiding tuck boxes or ragging “Hospi Sas.”  If there are others within earshot, it's hard to resist a good yarn about bears in the dorm, or sneaking past the gates of Sophia.

So for all the irrepressible nostalgics out there, here's a meeting place of a sort, a way to track down long lost classmates, and to keep in touch with our erstwhile home.  There's a staff and student directory, historical notes and current news, photographs and maps.  Get registered and add your voice.

Editor: Val Noronha (1973)