Policies and Privacy

Let's understand our rights and responsibilities.

Your entitlements

Nearly every web site today has little gotchas hidden in the code, that telegraph to Google which page you browsed, following a link from where. Then companies trade your data, or use it in ways over which you have no control. Be assured, not a byte of data from these Oriole pages goes to those scoundrels. No cookies, beacons, tracking, profiling. Make yourself at home, navigate and browse all you want.

Your Directory data are held in confidence, with commercial-grade security. Rudimentary password security keeps probably 95% of information thieves at bay. Let's get that straight: commercial-grade, not military-grade; and 95% is not 100%. There's a small chance that your nickname, full name, year of graduation, city and e-mail contact could become available to potential employers, business competitors, legit detectives, spear-phishers and personality thieves. They could use information gleaned from these pages to sound knowledgeable about SMS and misrepresent you. That's reason to be cautious, but the line between caution and paranoia is for you to draw. You may at any time contact the Editor to have your details curtailed or entirely hidden from view.

Directory fields that do not appear on these pages, such as street address, phone number, spouse and profession, do not reside permanently on the server.

It is acceptable for schoolmates to search for others of their era, their city, etc, within reason, and to contact them. It's acceptable to approach the Editor, who may release some data at his discretion to a well authenticated alum, e.g. for a reunion. On rare occasions, the Editor may send out a mass mailing on an important matter: that's happened about 5 times in 25 years.

Nobody unknown to you should contact you for any commercial purpose.

Your responsibilities

Treat others as you expect to be treated. Your entitlements above are everyone else's too.

Don't tell the world what our distinctive landmarks are (those that are used as passwords to get in here). Delete references to them on social media. It's possible to reverse-lookup a photo, and outsiders could use that to figure out a way in. Every time a photo appears digitally, their job becomes easier.

In the past, Joe could fill out information on Jack, to build out their social circle. That's now discouraged. If you know Jack is in Sydney, it's probably ok to enter just his name and class. Contact him and ask him to fill out his own details. Let him make his own decisions on what personal info he'd like to share.